Cabbit is a small company providing handmade clothes for fencing (or other opportunities). A lot of possibilities for customisation.


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Basic Breeches

Light & breathing breeches.

Guild Breeches

Historicaly inspired & customizable.

Steam Breeches

Steampunk inspired breeches

Fencing Gloves

Light Fencing Gloves, perfect for smallsword & rapier.

Various stuffs

Custom Fashion, bags, plates, &c

Fencing Breeches

Our simple, light and breathing breeches made
for historical fencing.

Simple but classy breeches made in a lightweight and breathing synthetic fabric. These are ideal for sports, excercise or light sparring without getting hot. The standard fabric used does not wrinkle in the laundry.

They are sober but nicely pleated to allow maximum movement without being hindered. The These are also availlable in other fabrics like coton or other colors on demand.

Certain features of these breeches are customisable like color, buttons, laces, seam-color, &c. Feel free to enquire with us to see if you're idea is feasible.

Options for customising:

→ Fabric and colour
→ Top: laces, rubber band
→ Cuffs: laces, buttons, zippers, ...
→ with or without pockets
→ Seams: colour

Fencing Breeches

Our historicaly inspired breeches
for historical fencing.

Our historicaly inspired Guild breeches are fully customisable. The base fabric is a 100% cotton. The inlays or folds are either light cotton ot a lightweight synthetic fabric. If we can we choose OEKO-tex® certified fqbrics. Elastic twill cotton, linen or wool are also possible depending on your request and the availability of fabrics.

These breeches are highly customisable from the color inside the folds to the wast and the cuffs.

Options to customize our 'Guild Breeches':

→colour and weight of the fabrics.
→ Beltloops
→ With or without pockets
→ Fly with buttons, invisiblke buttons, zipper, ...
→ Cuffs with laces, buttons, zippers, &c.

Fencing Breeches

Steampunk inspired fencing breeches
with front.

These breeches are Steampunk inspired and made of light to heavy ecological cotton. They are beautifully pleated on the back and can be customised according to your taste. Because of the pleating, these are not availlable in sports fabrics or wool.

These are availlable with or without front flap. The cuffs can have buttons or laces. please enquire for options and possibilities.

Customization options:

→ Color & fabric
→ Front flap
→ Cuffs: laces, buttons, ...
→ Please enquire with your ideas en we'll see


Light Fencing Gloves, ideal for
Smallsword, Rapier, Blossfechten, &c.

Our light fencing gloves are perfect for fencing with the rapier or smallsword, but they also pay good service in Blossfechten or practice with any other weapon.

They are puncture proof and lightly padded on the fingers 0n the back of the hand. They have a snug fit for excellent handling.

We have several models of gloves
1. Black gloves with keystone thumb
2. Black gloves with grey palms with straight thumb
3. Black gloves with silicon print on palm and fingertips for better grip. Keystone thumb.
4. White gloves with black palm with keystone thumb.
5. custom gloves, please enquire via mail.

All black gloves are availlable as pairs. Single rights or lefts, and whites, are on order only. Club orders are, of course, also possible.

and prices

How to measure for the perfect fit for your breeches
or or other fencing stuffs

Here you can find a 'How-To' for measuring and taking sizes.[pdf, 9KB]

You can also find pricing info for the different products.

Glove sizes
Glove sizes

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